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Gracie's Patio

Fall is here!

A new month is bringing some exciting changes to Gracie’s Kitchen.

Before the pandemic, guests could sit in the dining room with family and friends for dinner and good conversation, but during the pandemic, the dining room closed.

A member of our community saw a need and jumped in, raising funds for 4 picnic tables, umbrellas, and the supplies needed to build 2 additional picnic tables. She then worked to get these donations delivered to Gracie’s. WOW!

The 6 picnic tables and umbrellas will be used for Gracie’s Patio, an outside dining area where guests can sit and enjoy dinner while socializing with family and friends and our volunteers.

Our community is truly amazing! Thank you @JennaMcMonagleScott and friends for your kindness and this generous gift

We are excited for Gracie’s Patio! Check back for updates and to see the patio area come together.

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