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Rayonier Donation

Gracie’s Kitchen director, Maryellen Collavo, and Wayne Peterson from Rayonier Advanced Materials

Every year Rayonier gives nonprofits an opportunity to apply for a grant from the Rayonier Advanced Materials Foundation. Gracie’s Kitchen applied for the grant to help cover the cost of takeout boxes for the upcoming year.

With nearly 40,000 meals being served this year, this is one of the biggest expenses. The price of takeout boxes has gone from $10.99 for 125 boxes pre-pandemic to $15.99 today for the same number. The grant request was submitted under the name “Project Take Dinner Home” and was approved for $5,000.

A HUGE thank you to the Rayonier Advanced Materials Foundation for this generous grant! The grant is a blessing and will cover the cost of the takeout boxes for the upcoming year, with anything extra being put towards the cost of future dinners.

We can’t thank Rayonier Advanced Materials enough for their support!

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